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Over the weekend, Mr Christian Louboutin was in town and had a cocktail party at the boutique in Ngee Ann City, as well as at Potato Head Folk along Keong Saik Road.

It was a well-attended affair, with many guests in Louboutin’s designs, hoping to get his signature (which he politely declined).

First off, let’s admire some of the shoes in store.

Night Out at Christian Louboutin

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On Saturday, I had the opportunity to meet with Mr Christian Louboutin (yes – the God of sexy shoes) and for this special occasion, I decided to channel some chinoiserie  chic with this Lark and Peony cheongsam dress in “Midnight Bamboo” print.

Midnight Bamboo

I decided to accentuate the print with a dash of red.

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It started with 12 lipsticks.

NARS Celebrated 20 Years of Audacious Beauty

And 20 years on, the makeup brand started by Francois Nars is now an icon of its own, much adored women all over the world.

A while back, NARS held a 20th anniversary party in Singapore, which showcased some of NARS iconic campaigns, as well as the early collection of 12 lipsticks, which are still retailing today.

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I’m sorry, H&M. But the first picture I saw of this collaboration collection was the debut outfit donned by Rihanna.

Alexander Wang x H&M

Alexander Wang x H&M Crop Top (S$79.90) and Alexander Wang x H&M leggings (S$99.90) – Wait a minute, does the price really matter??

*Gulp* Perhaps I have truly not much fashion marbles left, I really thought this get-up looked hideous!

Fortunately though, the campaign images of this collaboration did not disappoint – I mean really – the upcoming Alexander Wang x H&M collection indeed appeared fresh and exciting in the released campaign shots!

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If you were to ask me which is my denim du jour, I would not hesitate to introduce you to Uniqlo.

Indeed, there are many cult jeans labels out there. But in my opinion, many of them could not hug the Asian curves as well as Uniqlo Jeans (UJ). I often run into problems with European/US cut which hangs too loosely at the waist, but fit just right at the hips. With UJ, this issue is non-existent.

This Fall/Winter, the Japanese retailer had a refresher on their denim offerings, including some new styles for the season. And I thought it’s apt for me to introduce to all of you my “go-to” denim brand again.

Lets Talk About... Uniqlo Denim

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… is the one that they do on your face, you know one of ‘em ‘plump-up’ facials?

Because while my pregnancy has the unfortunate side effect of face-fattening, the postpartum period also introduces another… wrinkles.

And it seems to me they are coming on fast and furious and have no intention of leaving my face, like the residual pregnancy weight! How hard it is for those last 4 kilos to just disappear!

Anyway, as soon as I managed to get a babysitter for Keri, I booked myself an appointment at Spa Esprit at my choice location, Dempsey: because post-facial is often a terrifyingly hideous affair, it’s best that I can just duck into the car immediately after treatment so my uber red face (my skin is slightly on the sensitive skin, so any knick will leave very obvious marks and redness)  will not see the light of day and scare the wits out of passersby.

Besides with a nerve and eye-soothing view like this, it’s a no-brainer for me.

The only kind of plumping I like...

Lounge area overlooking le wild tropics outside

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I’m not sure if you have noticed, but one signature bag trend this Fall/Winter is the quirky designs inspired by food packaging. After all, who would be able to forget the loud statement Jeremy Scott made for Moschino earlier this year?

Recently, whilst doing my online window shopping, I stumbled upon the Kate Spade Hello Shanghai Takeout Bag, which essentially is a purse that takes the shape of the Chinese take-out boxes.

Foodie Fashion Take Out Bags



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