Miss Glitzy finally caught CATS the musical at Esplanade Theatre. This is the first time she caught this musical and she went in with no background of the story line of this Andrew Lloyd Weber’s production that introduced the very famous song “Memory“.

1. This musical has a very weak plot with almost no storyline and dialogue. With too many characters and too much time allocated to each character, it got a tad draggy and confusing. Miss Glitzy and friends were unable to understand the story without the help of the synopsis on the programme booklet. The conclusion derived is that this production ought to be loosely defined as a musical performance, rather than a play with story line.

2. The musical extravaganza integrates various artforms – from tap dancing to ballet and gymnastics, even a little bits of Chinese Kungfu at Act 2 when Gus the Theatre Cat was introduced. The set is pretty state-of-art and the production made very good and creative use of lightings. Music delivery was all pitch-perfect, of course the delivery of “Memory” by Grizabella was fantastic!

3. Leotard is cool! Fascinating costumes, with a lot of attention to details. Miss Glitzy loves how ombre leotard looked wearable and how the wigs and make-up as well as accessories blended so well with the leotards. And coat with fringe worn by Old Deutoronomy actually looked cool. Mr Mystery Cat dazzled in sparkly black. Miss Glitzy also noticed that Grizabella wore a pair of silver mary jane heels! Glamour in the Jellicle’s scavenger world.

4. Miss Glitzy also loved how the director cleverly made full use of the area beyond the stage. Jellicle cats entered and exited from the foyer. Some Cats made their presence felt from the Circle seats (Balcony A and H). 10 minutes before the end of intermission, some of the cast wandered around the foyer area and teased the kids with their feline moves!

5. Engaging and talented cast who were beyond just great singers. Miss Glitzy’s personal favourite was the Rum Tum Tugger the flamboyant live wire in a rocker outfit and skin tight black leotard. John O’Hara received a lot of applause at the curtain call and was for sure the audience’s favourite!

Miss Glitzy was in Diane von Furstenberg dress and pearls! With the Rum Tum Tugger!

Esplanade Theatre
Till May 3

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