One fine day, Miss Fluffy decided that she needed to get some OPI nail polishes and asked Miss Glitzy where is the best place to get started.

Ladies who’re into manicures would know that OPI makes the best nail polishes in the world and a bottle of this Holy Grail can cost more than $20 in Singapore. Even sells it at US$8.50 per bottle of which is pricey by Miss Glitzy’s standards.

Below are some websites where you can get cheap OPI nail polishes. Each bottle is less than US$5!
1) Transdesign – Wide variety of colours. Preferred if you have huge orders of more than 30 bottles. Shipping for 42 bottles cost US$57.
2) 8ty8beauty – Good for smaller quantities. Apparently, their response time is longer. Shipping for 6 bottles about US$13.
3) Head2toe – Never tried them before. Less variety than Transdesign but oh… they sell Ardell lashes too!

Please do not use freight forwarders like Vpost to ship your OPI orders as nail polish is one of the “Dangerous Goods” highlighted by US Customs and freight forwarders do not want to take the responsibilities of accepting “Dangerous” items. Opt for direct shipping and after factoring the shipping cost, each bottle of OPI usually costs less than S$10! Do bear in mind that if total cost including shipping exceeds S$400, 7% GST will be incurred.

Miss Fluffy told yours truly that the colour palettes on the above sites were not representative. So Miss Glitzy heeded her advice and went to to get a better comparison. There is even a mock up of how the nail colours would look on your fingers depending on your skin tone!

Nonetheless, provides a good guide to make your initial selections. For an even more realistic representation, proceed to the following sites for real life swatches:
– Lextard’s Flickr
– Tangerinetotty’s Flickr
– The Polish Addict

Now Miss Glitzy didn’t know why she ever spent so much time picking colours! It got really giddy when this shade of pink and that shade of pink started looking the same, yet were different. All that time for just 3 bottles of nail polishes. But the satisfaction of cheap and good lacquers – priceless!

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