Yeehar! Before the show started, there was a little drama which pissed off the babelicious Ms Chubby who is not chubby. Anyhow, spirits were not dampened! Fashion show = lots of people watching!

Cleavage – Check. It’s not uncommon to see cleavage anywhere in Singapore but this one that we spotted was like waaay attention grabbing. Overflowing SUPER big boobs off a super low and tight top.  Woohoo~

Glitters & Sparkles – Check. I was looking around scouting for more celebs when I heard the girls say “Look, Guo Liang! (a male local artiste) Right in front of us!” I thought there must be something wrong with me ‘cos I was looking right where the girls were looking and I didn’t spot anyone who looked anything like Guo Liang. Then I saw a lady standing right in front of us in a full length long sleeved glittery dress that shimmered so much, it looked like the universe took on the shape of a woman. That’s when I realised that the girls were saying “Look, hen liang! (Hen = Very, Liang = Shiny in Chinese).

Big Hair – Check. I was actually looking for Anna Wintour lookalikes, thick bob that’s all primped up and all but this one big volume overload hairdo was hard to miss. I wonder how she managed it. It was like a longer version of a pixie cut but gosh, the v-o-l-u-m-e. Kudos for making short hair look big.

Celebrities – Check. Lum May Yee looked ageless and cool, and so did her partner for the evening :). Contrary to her on-screen persona, Patricia Mok looks quite stylish in real life.

Stylists – Check. We saw David Gan and Clarence Lee. And they looked like… actually pretty much like normal people albeit with good complexion.

Beautiful people – Check. Check. Check. Check. Check. Gosh there were so many. I wanna go to such shows more often!

Just one last comment. I think the video guys did a great job of the introduction clip that kicked off the show. The music, editing and visuals pumped up the mood for the evening and set the scene for a fun and whimsical runway show.

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