Woohoo..Miss Glitzy and friends headed to the White Tent last night for the closing of Audi Fashion Festival. The Vivienne Westwood Anglomania show was a sell-out and the 2 sides of the runway were filled with people! While the event started fashionably late, it ended with a substantial showcase of quirky, colourful and imaginative fashion. Vivienne Westwood had effectively displayed her versatility and many sides of her designs.

Let the pictures do the talking:

Every piece looks so wearable and happy! The strappy flats that appeared in many different shades were much loved by Miss Glitzy and Miss Armotif!

Some better quality pictures from Chinadaily:

The gigantic safety-pin necklace seems quite a gem.

The show concluded the one-week festival with bang. Happy bouncy people in prints! Miss Glitzy is a fan of prints. And that colourful strappy flats in full force.

So inspired that she is searching VW pieces online now!

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