Miss Glitzy just found a temporary shop that is going to be at Change Alley (Raffles Place) for only one-month clearing dresses under the WingTai stable. She is shaking with excitement as she is typing this. She felt as if she had unearthed a chamber of treasures!

From 11-22 May, clothes from Karen Millen and MaxStudio are going at great discounts at Unit #01-33. The shop is called “The Dressing Salon”. The sales assistant said Miss Selfridge will be included in the store next week and the shop will close after one month.

The current offerings are heavily discounted with most items in the range of $100-200. If you search hard enough, you might be able to find a MaxStudio pinstriped jacket at $39 or a peasant silk dress at $59. For Karen Millen, the discount pricing is same as the Isetan sale which was about 50-80% off. Most of the items are available in UK Size 8 or 10.

Overheard while shuffling dresses on the rack:
A,”Oh man, I’m gonna be stuck here for long. I hope my boss takes a long lunch today.”

Now, you know how dangerous that place is. Strictly not for those on shopping ban. And one last bit, selected shoes and leather products are on sale too!

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