Tucked at a quiet corner of Holland Village, the 2am Dessert Bar is an ideal chillout place where one can literally get high on desserts.

Look at the inviting couch! You can literally fall asleep there!

The desserts were designed like exquisite art pieces. It was evident that a lot of care and time was spent on the presentation.

Toffee Pudding (S$14) paired with white wine (S$13)

The dessert consists of the delicious warm pudding with maple whisky pudding and pomegranate sorbet. The combination of the soft pudding with raisins and custard sauce was unmatched. The pomegranate sorbet was a bonus for its sweet and unique taste.

Amedei Chilli Chocolate (S$15) with red wine (S$14)

The dark chocolate bricks are mixed with a bit of chilli powder. After the initial bittersweet taste of chocolate, there was a mild spicy after taste. Very unique. The toast ice cream tasted like caramel but seriously, the dark chocolate bricks hogged the limelight for it was something that Miss Glitzy had never tasted before.

Selection of 3 ice-creams (S$14)

Ordered 3 ice-cream flavours from the list of many exotic names like blood orange (which would be a bit sour), basil yoghurt, fruit of forest etc.

Espresso: Very strong coffee taste. It tasted more bitter than sweet and was probably effective to keep Miss Glitzy awake for a while

Valrhona Chocolate: Apparently, Valrhona Chocolate is a top-quality luxury chocolate and the ice cream made from it was rich and bitter with a tinge of sweetness. Great!

Jambu (Water Apple) Sorbet: Very refreshing but a tad tasteless. Pomegranate sorbet left too lasting an impression.

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