Dear friends,

Miracles do happen. They probably happen everyday and sometimes we barely notice them. The fact that you are reading Miss Glitzy’s entry now, it is a miracle. The fact that Miss Glitzy has not run out of things to write about, that’s a miracle. The fact that Miss Glitzy hasn’t given up on blogging yet – somewhat a miracle.

But the most unbelievable miracle thus far – Miss Glitzy’s Monologue has been selected as one of the Top 10 finalists for Singapore Blog Awards – Lifestyle Category.

It is so amazing and Miss Glitzy believes that it’s gonna be a really interesting experience. If you would like to cast a vote (you can do that once a day), please hop on to the Singapore Blog Awards official site and vote by clicking on Miss Glitzy’s pic. Miss Glitzy would also like to thank the kind folks from OMY for choosing a nice photo! Kindly note that only OMY members are allowed to vote. You can register on the website to be a member.

Contest aside, life goes on as usual and Miss Glitzy will continue to blog about the things she likes. Thank you for your kind support and visit often!

Miss Glitzy

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