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A little birdie mentioned that at the far end of the West, there is a cutie cutie shop that sells macarons at an affordable price. Miss Glitzy visited Jurong Point and found this open-concept bakery with shop assistants dressed like French maids! The Icing Room is a new initiative from homegrown Breadtalk and it’s a happy place where kids can design their own cakes there!

Miss Glitzy went straight to the macarons – there were about 5 flavours available. If you are into fine gift packaging, the prepacked bag of 3 macarons might work as the polka-dotty ribbon looks kinda cute.

Price wise, each piece is $1.80 and 3 pieces cost $5.00.

from left: Green Tea, Chocolate, Passionfruit

Miss Glitzy thought that Miss Jazzy was a bit bummed that The Icing Room does not have her favourite Rose flavour. Miss Frazzle Dazzle joined in the taste test too.

First thought, the macarons were bigger than those from TWG or Canele but the colours were dull and unattractive and the shell was very coarse.

Green Tea: The shell crumbles into a mess after one cut and this observation was consistent with the Chocolate and Passionfruit ones. There was no fragrance of green tea and the taste was weird.

Meanwhile, Miss Glitzy shall entertain everyone with a picture of the crumbly green tea macaron that matches her green dress:

Chocolate: The crust was like a hollow biscuit, atypical of a macaron shell. The “ganache” was just chocolate cream which was sour. Bad.

Passionfruit: There was some very light fragrance but Miss Frazzle Dazzle (what a long name..) thought that it tasted like a fruit gum sweet. Nonetheless, Miss Jazzy commented that passionfruit macaron feels very local and tropical. Maybe TWG or Canele can consider developing this flavour and do a better job.

Final verdict (out of 5 points):

Miss Glitzy: (left intentionally blank)

Miss Jazzy: (left intentionally blank)

Miss Frazzle Dazzle: (left intentionally blank)

No cupcake points for The Icing Room! But if you wish to check that place out:

The Icing Room (Outside BreadTalk)
63 Jurong West Central 3 #B1-73
Jurong Point Shopping Centre,

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