Thanks to Cozycot, Miss Glitzy had a chance to sample the Lancome Genifique – also known as the Youth Activator. With seven patents under its name and apparently the result of a ten year research project with 4400 genes analysed, the Lancome Genifique is supposed to be revolutionary. According to Lancome, this new product is a high-end serum designed to return the protein levels in skin cells to that of younger skin and thus slow the appearance of aging.

You do not need to be old to get started on anti-aging!

The little tube that Miss Glitzy received was 7 days’ supply. Miss Glitzy applied the serum twice a day – in the morning and at night. Simply massage two drops of the magic potion onto the face with the fingers before the regular skincare regime.

The serum is transparent, light and odourless. It is slightly sticky on the skin initially but shortly after application, the skin feels silky and velvety. Even the fingers used to apply the Genifique feels soft like baby!

After this regular regime for 7 days, the skin was visibly more radiant although it was not apparent whether the pores had reduced. Eyebags were still around probably due to the lack of sleep. Miss Glitzy loves stroking her face though because she has grown addicted to that silky touch. Miss Glitzy probably need to use it for a while longer to go back to her early 20s but it was not hard to believe that consistent usage of this magic potion would bring radiance and youth to any woman!


The Lancome Genifique costs S$170 for 30ml and is available at all major departmental stores!

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