The desserts at Da Paolo Gastronomia send a common message, “Pick me, Choose me, Eat me!”

No kidding, be it the chocolate cakes, gigantic scones, meringues or cupcakes. All of them look equally delicious. Nonetheless, Miss F.D did not forget the task of reviewing the Macarons and bought a nice pack from the Sail.

Da Paolo sells macarons in packs of 6. You don’t have the luxury of buying them them one by one, neither can you choose the flavours. A pack of 6 macarons cost $12.


The first impression of the “Italian Munchkins” (Miss Jazzy, 2009) is that their macarons are bigger than Canele’s or Bakerzin’s – the diameter of each macaron is about 5cm. The shell didn’t look so polished though. The rough shell was reminiscent of the Icing Room’s macarons. Thus, the M Connoisseurs were quite skeptical at first.

Interestingly, the Da Paolo macarons taste better than they look! The macaron shells were crispy and hollow initially and very chewy subsequently. The Connoisseurs kinda like the chewy after bite.

Orange – The taste was a bit artificial, felt like biting an orange Mentos sweet. The M Connoisseurs are not fans of this.

Chocolate – The chocolate was great! First bite is the crispy shell, then you sink hard into the chewy portion. Next, you taste the hardened chocolate which was neither too sweet nor bitter (nor sour). The chemistry between the chocolate filling and the macaron shell was delightful. And the macaron was quite big, like a chocolate cookie.

Lemon – Oh the horror! It tasted like detergent.

Green Tea – The ganache was generous and creamy. It was a tad heavy and the flavour was too strong and overwhelming for Miss Jazzy or F.D. Despite all its intensity, Miss Glitzy loved it to the core.

Raspberry – Miss Jazzy needed to overcome the disappointment that there was no Rose macaron. The raspberry one was very sweet and Miss F.D. thought it tasted like the raspberry jam in the Marks and Spencer jam sandwich cream cookies.

Lavender – This was a good substitute of rose! Miss Glitzy had never tasted something delicious from lavender and this was the first. The ganache was a light floral taste that was not too sweet. The aroma complemented with the ganache. And with the macaron shell of the right consistency, it was the winner of the Italian pack!

Final verdict (out of 5 points):

Miss Glitzy:

Miss Jazzy: (Oy Humbug man! Reckon my expectations were too high. Gobi still takes the cake!)

Miss F.D:

Da Paolo Gastronomia is located at The Paragon B1, Great World City B1, Holland Village, Cluny Court and The Sail@Marina Bay.

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