On the beach by the sky
Down a path between the stars
Kindred flowers perfume
A heart in search of dreams

There is this quaint little dessert shop at Clarke Quay Central called Gobi and it sells Macarons!

Much to everyone’s delight, Miss Jazzy managed to get the stuff – there are 7 flavours available and she purchased a box of 6. Each piece cost $2.50 each.

The cutie pies were reasonably sized and looked every inch well-made. It was somewhat love at first sight.


The M Connoisseurs mistook it as Pistachio macaron initially, due to the pistachio bits on top. Miss Jazzy found it flavourful. The shell crumbled easily yet the macaron was quite chewy.  It was a unique flavour with light fragrance of the pistachio. Miss Glitzy wiped up all the crumbs like a vacuum cleaner while Miss Frazzle Dazzle (F.D) found it very authentic.

Calming Floral
There was a light floral smell which was delightful. Taste wise, the macaron was sweet but did not leave much of an impression. Miss F.D. was like the Simon Cowell when she said that the flavour was hardly memorable.

Miss Jazzy loves the Rose to bits. She called it “a dream”. How dramatic could she get? The ganache was generous but the taste was not too overpowering. The balance of the shell and the ganache was quite balanced.

Camomile Dream
This felt like it was right out of the tea bag! It felt very different and pretty mind-blowing as the M Connoisseurs had never tasted something like this before. This was also the least sweet of the lot, probably a great choice for tea lovers who are in search of tea infused macarons.

Black Sheep
Look wise, the Black Sheep looked like a mini hamburger with generous serving of chocolate filling. This was the best chocolate macaron that the M Connoisseurs had tried so far. Chocolate macaron with a right tilt of sweetness – not sour or bitter.

Morgan Blend
The purple shell was misleading as it got the Connoisseurs guessing if it was Lavender or Blueberry flavour. According to Gobi’s website, Morgan Blend is made from Lapsang Soucheng tea is blended with bergamot oil and dark chocolate. It tasted a tad weird and artificial.. like Smarties – funny how tea infused macarons don’t seem to work. The Connoisseurs still prefer the authentic Black Sheep over this.

Final verdict (out of 5 points):
One of the best so far!

Miss Glitzy:

Miss Jazzy:

Miss Frazzle Dazzle:

The Central #01-27
Tel: 6534 8187

Katong Mall #03-13 (available for pick-ups only)
Tel: 6345 2127

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