For those who follow Miss Glitzy on Twitter, you probably noticed that Miss Glitzy has recently developed an interest in this Taiwanese drama named “My Queen“.

The hairdo of the lead actress also caught her attention:


The hairdo isn’t really the latest fad. Carrie Bradshaw wore this do for the whole of Season 5 in Sex and The City. Charlize Theron kinda rocked in that hairstyle too!

The Asian (probably Japanese and Taiwanese) interpretation of the wavy bob, on the other hand, comprises of more gentle and luscious waves. Miss Glitzy prefers the natural out-of-bed look (picture below, top right):

Miss Glitzy has been trying to emulate the wavy bob on her own although she hasn’t quite perfected it. Love how the curls can create variety to the common short hairdo and it looks feminine and different!

You can use almost anything to get that wavy bob – heated rollers, curling tongs or even straighteners. Check out my video on how to create voluminous wavy bob here!

Or maybe Miss Glitzy should try wearing the “macaron” sponge curlers to sleep, just like the main character in “My Queen”.

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