Tucked at a quiet corner in Cuppage Plaza, Miss Glitzy wonders how would anyone stumble upon such a place for dinner. Surrounded by a couple of Japanese karaoke lounges and with some other Japanese restaurants scattered around the quiet building, Kazu Sumiyaki is literally a hidden gem in the deep ocean.

The place is well known for its yakitori (grilled meat skewers), which is sold on a per stick basis. If you are in for a feast, be prepared to pay about $50 per person.


(Top from left)

Salmon onigiri: Started off with some carbos. This tasted less amazing than the one Miss Glitzy had from a convenience store in Japan.

Cold soba: Yums! Added the raw quail egg into the dipping sauce and the noodles tasted smoother. An ingenious way to give the cold soba more flavor and the raw egg didn’t stink at all!

Pork with enoki mushroom: The pork slices were not too thick, well cooked with a slightly crispy outer layer and blended really well with the enoki mushrooms!


Giant Botan Prawn (raw): The giant botan prawn sashimi is a must-try! The prawn is huge and the meat was tender and slightly crunchy. Miss Glitzy had never tasted such delicious prawn sashimi before!

Fried botan prawn: After you are done with the sashimi, the chef would deep-fry the huge prawn heads. The prawn head was so crispy that you could savour every single part, just like the soft shell crabs. Intriguing how every parts of the prawns can be consumed through different cooking methods.

(Bottom from left)

Prawn with scallop: The prawn was huge and succulent and the scallop did not disappoint. Really wanted to order one more stick…
Shishamo (Pregnant fish): Delicious! The fish was not too dry and with one bite, the roes started oozing out.
Pork belly strips wrapped around quail egg: Miss Glitzy is a fan of quail eggs! Once again, the thickness of the pork belly was just right and it was not too oily!

Foie gras : The foie gras received a lot of great reviews from others. It was soft and aromatic but Miss Glitzy would have preferred it to be grilled a little bit longer. The foie gras was too soft that it literally melt in your mouth. Miss Glitzy just prefers harder foie gras.

Grilled sweet potato: Miss Glitzy was in love! The sweet potato was slowly grilled to perfection so please remember to order it from the start as it takes a long time to prepare this. The ideal way of enjoying the sweet potato is to apply butter on the surface but Miss Glitzy liked it plain. The yellow sweet potato was not too starchy and was very sweet!


As the kanji on the cup aptly summarises, just one skewer to get into your soul.

The food at Kazu took everyone’s breath away and you just couldn’t help but keep wanting for more. The list of items in the menu is exhaustive so one would return for another visit to try other items.

The only suggestion that Miss Glitzy could think of is to avoid the carbos and leave space for the yakitoris. The onigiri and garlic fried rice were the only disappointment for the night. The other food items were simply delicious.

As the place is usually packed in the evening, please remember to make a reservation!

Kazu Sumi-Yaki Restaurant
No. 5 Koek Rd
#04-05 Cuppage Plaza
Tel: 6734 2492

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