The China Club is a members-only restaurant cum bar located at the 52nd storey of Capital Tower. Standing on top of the building overseeing the Central Business District and Singapore’s port, the view from the top is an interesting juxtaposition of its Oriental interior.

As Miss Glitzy didn’t bring her camera, all photos were snapped using her mobile phone. The restaurant is adorned with Oriental wallpaper, wooden lattices, complete with bright coloured curtains and huge lanterns. It felt like an exclusive sanctuary in the old prosperous Shanghai era.

Miss Glitzy was there for a company lunch and the bossie placed the order. So Miss Glitzy had no idea what she was eating most of the time!

chinaclub2Chinese Dim Sum – Carrot cake and Shrimp Dumpling

The China Club is apparently well-known for their fantastic dim sum.

The Shrimp Dumpling is worth the mention as it is one of the best Miss Glitzy has ever tasted. The skin was soft and thin and the shrimp filling was succulent, fresh and … for the lack of a better word, “bountiful”!

chinaclub3Soup of the day – Braised Apple and Chicken soup

Forgetful Miss Glitzy can’t remember the full name of this delicious soup. But ask the waitress if they have any soup with braised apple! This soup was heavenly! Tasty and fragrant, the soup was evidently boiled for a good many hours as the apple was very very soft and literally melted in the mouth.

chinaclub4Prawn with Broccoli

It’s hard to go wrong with this dish. The prawn was huge and succulent.

Wagyu beef

The wagyu beef slices were cooked in kungpao way. The beef slices were thick and tender while the brinjal slices were soft – just the way Miss Glitzy loves it!

chinaclub5Mushroom tempura in vermicelli nest

Pardon Miss Glitzy for not knowing what this dish is called. If it helps, the bossie doesn’t know either!

Beneath the fried mushrooms was stir-fried asparagus, bamboo shoots, black fungus and carrots. The stir-fried veges were refreshing and a good complement with the fried mushroom and vermicelli nest.

chinaclub6HK-style mango puree with pomelo and coconut cream

No one ever goes wrong with this Hong Kong dessert. Some may find the China Club’s version a bit watery but Miss Glitzy was quite happy with it. In retrospect, she should have ordered the Avocado Cream as it has received some great reviews!


This is a great venue for company events! Great food, great view and great interiors – that’s all you would ask for for the ideal corporate party! As a exclusive members-only restaurant, it’s not hard to guess that most patrons are from matured corporate crowd. Sloppy dressing is also not allowed.

The China Club is also opened in Hong Kong and Beijing.

The China Club – Singapore
168 Robinson Road
52F Capital Tower
Tel: 6820 2388

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