Tucked at the quiet Henry Park Apartments, ET Artisan Sweets is like a girl’s dream-come-true. Scones! Cupcakes! Meringues! All these colourful girlish delights kept in those huge glass jars with silk ribbons tied at the handle – they simply look irresistible. And who can forget that eye-catching red-and-white polka dot cake that looked absolutely great for girlish parties!

etasweets1This is the place that a girl can stay for hours and hours. The little cafe has only 2 tables though. You also get a chance to watch the baker decorate custom-make cakes in the baking studio through the glass panel!

Of course, Miss Glitzy did not forget her mission for the day – to review ETA’s macarons for the M Project.

Each macaron costs $2 per piece. There are more than 10 flavours to choose from so you are literally spoilt for choice. For the purpose of this review, Miss Glitzy chose Rose, Berry Chocolate and Chocolate Chip flavours. ETA sells Chocolate macarons too but coincidentally, it was sold out when Miss Glitzy was there!


The macarons are of reasonable size, with diameter about the width of a namecard. The surface of the macarons were quite polished, which Miss Glitzy thought was a relatively good sign.

Chocolate Chip: The shell felt a bit dry and it was too crumbly. But the chocolate ganache was pretty good. Overall, the macaron was not too sweet.

Rose: This has got to be Miss Glitzy’s favourite rose macaron to date. The macaron shell has the right mix of crispiness and chewiness. The rose ganache was generous yet not overwhelming. The smell of rose was not giddily strong, to Miss Glitzy’s delight!

Berry Chocolate: This was interesting because the macaron shell was berry-flavoured and slightly sour but the ganache was chocolate. It was a sour- meets -sweet kinda feeling. For those who love exotic flavours.


Miss Glitzy: halfcup (Decent macarons and not too sweet!)

etasweets2Indeed, Miss Glitzy thought the macarons were not as fantastic as their cupcakes! Seriously plugging the Blackforest Cupcake which had cherries hidden inside the pink cream! Miss Glitzy loves hidden surprises!

At $4.50 per cupcake, it’s definitely the must-try at the cafe. And true to the ETA style, these cupcakes were not crazily sweet too.

The cake shop also accepts orders for custom-made birthday or wedding cakes.

ET Artisan Sweets
32 Holland Grove Road
Henry Park Apartments S 278807
Monday – Friday: 10 AM – 6 PM
Saturday: 8.30 AM – 6 PM
(65) 6468 6700

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