missarmotifThe Queen – Natalie Portman.

Natalie P started her Hollywood career since she was 13 and she’s managed to stay out of the gossip columns unlike some of her peers such as Lindsay L and Britney S. She parties occasionally (so does Miss Armotif) and prefers to hang out with her old friends in her hometown (so does Miss Armotif). She’s environmentally conscious (so is Miss Armotif) – check out the line she designed for Te Casan! She’s intelligent (Miss Armotif would like to think she is too) – Natalie speaks 6 languages and graduated from Harvard when working on the Star Wars trilogy. At the age of 27, she was the youngest judge at the Cannes Festival!

Miss Armotif also can’t help but regard her as a fashionista in her own right. It would be fun to go on shopping sprees with the queen and exchange fashion tips! Miss Armotif likes to believe that Natalie’s no snob and they could be the best of friends.

And oh well, Natalie likes to shop at Target (so does Miss Armotif). 🙂

The Queen and her many looks:

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