You have been warned! This is going to be a very long entry!

Pally’s wedding banquet was held at Xi Yan, a Chinese restaurant which traces its roots from Hong Kong. It was a cosy affair because the restaurant has only 6 tables and can only house about 60 guests! According to other blogs, the restaurant might require reservations as long as 3 months in advance.

Dinner was a 13-course affair, which is the reason why this post is gonna be really long. Apparently, the restaurant does not have an ala-carte menu. If you were to dine there, just follow the heart of the chef and enjoy whatever is planned in the set menu. There are different set menus (with different pricing) to choose from on usual days.


Tomatoes in wasabi sesame sauce: This is the restaurant’s signature appetiser and boy, the Japanese tomatoes are extremely huge. Miss Glitzy has never been a tomato fan but the tomatoes were really juicy and sweet. The wasabi sesame sauce was very fragrant and complemented well with the well-cooked tomatoes.


Crispy oysters in tarocurd sauce: They looked like popcorn chicken! Although deep-fried, the oysters were not too oily.


Conpoy with flowering choy sum: The vegetables were chopped and mixed with dried scallops. Each serving was neatly assembled, but the mixture was not sticky at all. One needs be a chopstick expert (as demostrated by some of the Caucasian guests at Miss Glitzy’s table) or utilise  a spoon to hold the entire serving. Miss Glitzy is not a fan of this appetiser because she didn’t like the overwhelming texture of vegetables, although the dried scallops contributed some fragrance to the dish.


Poached egg with truffle slice:The poached egg was a bit cold and salty (due to the truffle?). Miss Glitzy concluded this was a weird dish.


Miss Glitzy appreciates that the server would explain briefly how each dish was prepared. This gives you the impression that everyone in the restaurant takes their food and the patron’s experience very seriously. In addition, the interior was adorned with many modern art pieces. This is the ideal place for a cosy and engaging function!

Ok, now to the main dishes…


Oolong tea smoked chicken with mango salsa: Miss Glitzy enjoyed the chicken! Well roasted and tasted very refreshing, especially with the mango salsa salad. However, some of the guests felt the chicken was too salty.


Kimchi prawns with Shanghainese rice cake: At first glance, this looked like seafood pasta. The sauce tasted somewhat like cheese. There was no kimchi flavour although there strips of cabbages in the sauce. Miss Glitzy is not a fan of rice cake so the rice cake didn’t really appeal to her. The prawns were very fresh but slightly overcooked. Nonetheless, the idea behind such a fusion dish is indeed commendable!


Pagoda Dongpo pork belly with preserved veg stuffing: This was a highly recommended dish! The pagoda of pork belly looked gross but they were sliced into very thin strips and tasted really delicious with the fats of the pork belly literally melt into your mouth.


Shrimp paste grouper with pomelo salad: The grouper was deep-fried, reminscent of the local zi-char style. However, instead of drenching the fried fish with dark sauce, the chef opted to pair the grouper with refreshing pomelo salad instead. This was a very unique pairing and the pomelo salad with water chestnut dices was very appetising.


Pickled Thai green mango: Mindful that the guests would be very full from all the heavy main dishes, the Thai green mango is the intermezzo appetiser to cleanse the taste. The mangos were very thinly sliced and well marinated! Would be a great snack!


Fruits and chicken soup: A simple soup that signified that the guests were moving towards the end of the main dishes. The soup was very simple and tasted home-cooked.


Stir-fried mushrooms with picked cucumber: Miss Glitzy loves mushrooms! By now, Miss Glitzy’s tummy was too packed and could only tell that the mushrooms were very fresh and flavourful.


The whole 13-course dinner took more than 3 hours. The whole aim of the Xi Yan experience is to sit back, relax and appreciate simple and creative dishes. The whole experience is akin to a house cookout party.

Now, the desserts…


Tofu ice-cream with pandan glutinous rice: The soya ice-cream was very light and the glutinous rice added some impact or oomph to the simple dessert. Interesting pairing but you can’t go wrong with sweet glutinous rice and soya ice-cream actually.


Xi Yan cocktail: The final touch is a cocktail for the newly-wedded couple! The shot was a mixture of lime juice, whisky and honey according to other blogs. It tasted like a tangy fruit juice with low alcohol content. Safe for the underage.

VERDICT: In short, you can’t complete your culinary escapades without a dinner at Xi Yan. The restaurant is hard to locate, and the experience is hard to find.

Xi Yan
38A Craig Road
Tel: +65 6220 3546


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