Hello everybirdy!

We are the Obolo Ms! We are belly belly excited because The M Connoisseurs are going to try us and award us cupcake points. We have been good and we are  high quality macarons. We need to do our best to make Master proud.


Miss Geri Beri bought us from Master’s house at Joo Chiat. There were so many of us.. 12 flavours in all. And all of us cost $2 each. But only the 3 of us were selected. What an honour!

Oops, we got too excited that we forgot to introduce ourselves individually.


Bittersweet Chocolate: I taste like your life – bittersweet with a little luxury. Miss Glitzy likes my polished shell with chocolate speckles. You can tell that appearance is so important to her – that’s so shallow! But that Miss Jazzy thinks I taste like a brownie. If I am a brownie, I am the high-class brownie.

Chocolat-Passion: My name is spelt like that – Chocolat without the “e”. I have yellow shell that’s infused with Passionfruit flavour and I’m filled with generous milk-chocolate ganache. If you are into exotic flavours, pick me! Miss Geri Beri loves me but that shallow Miss Glitzy thinks I’m too sour!

Rose: My name is so short and simple but everyone loves me. They love my white rose-flavoured buttercream that’s so thick that I look extremely seductive. Miss Jazzy loves me but she loves all Rose macarons, I think. Miss Glitzy said I emit some light fragrance. Of course, I need to have some killer charm to compensate my simple and common name.

Final verdict (out of 5 points):

Miss Glitzy:
Miss Jazzy:
Miss Geri Beri: halfcup

452 Joo Chiat Road
Singapore 427665
Tel: 6348 9791

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