The bright red with bright blue combination reminded Miss Glitzy of Miss Snow White.


Snow White wears a red hairband, red + blue top and yellow bottom. Glitzy didn’t wear anything yellow, so the background of the graphic was digitally masked yellow. 🙂


Tried to look Blairish with wide blue hair band. And threw in a birdy necklace just for fun. Miss Glitzy has a confession to make: she digitally removed her eyebags!


Coco Chanel might rise from her grave if she knew that Mademoiselle Glitzy was sloppy in linen shorts at the screening of “Coco Avant Chanel”. But well, Coco wore comfortable men’s clothes for riding, Mademoiselle Glitzy wore shorts and cardigan for casual Saturday movie. That’s quite a parallel, yeah?

For readers who can’t recall who Snow White is… she is the poor lady who fell into a long long slumber after eating a poisonous apple from a witch.

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