subwayjared Meet Jared Fogle.

The man who lost 111kg by exercising and eating Subway only. Jared was such a successful case study that he eventually became a huge ad campaign for Subway in the US!

When Subway Singapore invited Miss Glitzy to a sandwich tasting event, Miss Glitzy grabbed the chance and asked the Subway executive about losing weight with their sandwiches!

Here’s the secret:

1) Opt for any sandwich that has less than 6 grams of fats as these are healthier options.
2) Do not add cheese! Once you add cheese, your weight-loss plan shall go kaput.
3) Choose the honey mustard sauce – it’s fat free!
4) Bread over wrap as wrap has higher amount of fats. Choose Italian bread over the rest as it’s a lower-fat choice.

And Miss Glitzy was introduced to another vegetarian offering besides the Veggie Delight!

The Garden Patty sandwich ($6.50)! We tried the Garden Patty wrap but you can opt for the sandwich in Italian White Bread. The Garden Patty is pure vegetarian but it does not taste boring at all. The “meat” bits are actually proteins and they are very savoury and delicious. It’s like tasting a meat sandwich with less guilt!


The Baked Bars ($1.90)! This is a healthier way to indulge in desserts as the baked bars have no trans fat! Miss Glitzy was told that these are only sold in selected Subway outlets though. The baked bars come in 2 flavours – Triple Berry and Chocolate Walnut. Miss Glitzy is a fan of the Chocolate Walnut bar, which tasted totally like a chocolate brownie! At only $1.90, the portion was generous and this could probably be the cheapest brownie in town! The triple berry bar has its share of fans too because of its crunchy texture and generous amount of berries.

If the baked bars are sinful for you, you may opt for the Subway cookies, which are also trans fat free! Miss Glitzy’s favourite oatmeal raisin cookies has the least amount of fats at 8.1g as compared to the rest!

Miss Glitzy was told that Subway will be introducing new flavours in a couple of months’ time. Till then, if you are a Subway regular, bear in mind these healthy tips when you place your order next time!

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