mmdurianWhen the Durian Mooncakes first appeared, the filling was merely lotus paste added with durian essence to provide the durian flavour.

Anyway, those were Durian Mooncakes Version 1.0.

Miss Glitzy bought a Durian Mooncake Version 2.0 from Change Alley the other day:  the Marina Mandarin Peach Blossoms Durian snowskin mooncake.

The outer white layer was the almond-flavoured snowskin and the chunky yellow layer was the Cat Mountain King durian paste with real durian bits!

The best way to enjoy is to allow the mooncake  to thaw for a while so that the durian paste gets slightly creamy. It felt like eating Durian mochi. And yes, you’ll  be rewarded with Cat Mountain King durian breath after the treat.

Price wise, each piece costs $7.50. A box of 8 costs $56 before any credit card discount.

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