Haven’t been able to meet Armotif, Chubby and the rest for almost one whole month due to personal commitments! Imagine the amount of things we had to update each other when we met over dinner!

Miss Glitzy and lovely Macarons

Miss Glitzy and lovely Macarons

Finally had a chance to wear the new lace-up suede peeptoes from GoJane. Was tied between bib necklace and chain necklace but opted for the chain instead.

I was also off-makeup for one full week because I didn’t want to run the risk of having powder/cosmetics get into my newly Lasik-ed eyes. Will blog about the whole Lasik experience soon.


Miss Chubby in a really pretty white/grey dress


Miss Armotif didn't want to have her photo taken. But she was wearing a really cute Alice in the Wonderland necklace!

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