Thanks everyone for the vote of preference. Evidently, in the fast fashion world, the trendiest takes the cake, as reflected by more than 70% votes for H&M. Uniqlo grabbed 24% while GAP took home only 3%.

The Swedish company has many wildly successful, high-profile collaborations under its belt: from Karl Lagerfeld, Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf to Madonna, Comme des Garçons, Kylie Minogue and Matthew Williamson. The Jimmy Choo for H&M collection is also hitting the stores next month.

H&M has certainly delivered its mission of bringing “Fashion and quality at the best price”. Their collections are always on top of the latest trend and quality is acceptable for the price you pay. And for recessionistas, you can get your Jimmy Choos or Karl Lagerfeld at a fraction of its original price!


H&M! Love their funky and affordable fashion! ~AngMoGirl

H&M! H&M! H&M! Not a day goes by when I don’t think about visiting H&M and spending large quantities of money! ~ Cafe Fashionista

H&M! Maybe because it’s not available in Singapore…~Lena


The Japanese clothing chain is heading fast and furious in Singapore, slated to open a third store – and the largest SE Asian store- at 313@Somerset. Uniqlo has been widely remembered for its quality basics. If you want to get a long lasting black top at an affordable price, it’s Uniqlo. However, despite its “basic” offerings, Uniqlo’s branding remains refreshing, having featured fashion icon Agyness Deyn in its sportswear collection. The Japanese brand is no longer Asian, but global – having recently opened a megastore in Fashion Haven Paris!

Uniqlo has taken a leaf off H&M’s book by going into collaborations. The most recent partnership being it’s +J collection, which aptly marries Jil Sander’s minimalist elegance and Uniqlo’s strength in delivering quality basics.


However, there were also comments that the selection in Singapore is boring. One reasons attributed to this observation was that countries like Hong Kong and Japan have different seasons and the brand is able to showcase a wider variety of apparel. In a tropical country like Singapore, the selection is narrowed to just a limited range of spring/summer apparel.

Uniqlo’s great but not in SG, the selection they carry here is b o r i n g. ~greenlaundry

A tie between Uniqlo and H&M! But I think I like basics better, so Uniqlo! ~x-wen

Uniqlo is not selling Fashion. They sell well-made clothes. I am still wearing my first purchases from the Tokyo store in 2002. ~Martin Stewart


I recall reading an article on how GAP suffered from the economic downturn. The brand is in dire need to rebrand itself! Some remember them as a brand with great basics – but with Uniqlo rapidly widening its global footprints, GAP can’t win in the price department. Design-wise, I wasn’t quite wowed by the recent GAP design edition either.

Back in 2004-5, I was crazy over GAP hobos. There was a period where all girls on Cozycot and Flowerpod were grabbing the satin hobos which were available in a myriad of colours and on discount at only US$9.99! Back then, I vaguely remembered that the designer of the bags also worked for Marc Jacobs and many online shopaholics could still fondly remember the hay days of affordable and trendy GAP bags (with Sarah Jessica Parker as its brand ambassador).


GAP is in a different price range! ~na

Gap wins in terms of quality. ~Miss Armotif

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