Important rule to avoid wardrobe malfunction:
Always plan your wardrobe in advance. Do all the mix and match and ironing and miscellaneous preparation the night before the event.

Miss Glitzy had a function to attend and didn’t had time to prepare her dress the night before. When she fished out her dress from the wardrobe, the silk dress had major crease marks!

As she was running late for an appointment prior to the function, she decided not to spend any more time deliberating on her outfit. Maybe nobody will care about a crumpled silk dress anyway. So she changed into that and rushed for her appointment!

Nonetheless, the perfectionist in her felt that it was probably better to get that dress ironed before the function. After her appointment, Miss Glitzy wandered around Far East Plaza to look for a tailor who could help her iron her dress. The tailor she approached replied that the steam iron wouldn’t work on her dress and it would take a while for the dress to dry. The tailor suggested Miss Glitzy to look for dress shops as their fabric steamers are dry and Miss Glitzy could wear her dress immediately.

Miss Glitzy scuttered around and spotted this tiny shop selling plenty of dresses. Out of impulse, she explained her plight to the shop owner/assistant (not sure!) and the kind lady agreed to help!

So Miss Glitzy zoomed into the fitting room, took off her dress and passed it to the kind lady. The lady took a while to carefully iron the dress and the result – a beautiful, crease-free dress!

The best part is .. the kind lady refused to charge Miss Glitzy any money! So Miss Glitzy decided to repay her kindness by blogging about this incident and showing the address of the shop:


Everyone who wanna get some dresses, please patronise Ritz at Far East Plaza! Kudos to the fantastic service attitude!

Anyway, you can also read interesting stories of good/bad service at the  “Are You Being Served” blog. And Miss Glitzy is gonna conduct a mission soon!

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