Jimmy Choo for H&M will hit stores tomorrow, 14 November.

The collection felt like Serena van der Woodsen’s wardrobe – even the model looks like Blake Lively, if you refer to H&M’s website.



The shoe collection – mostly stilettos – is reasonably priced between US$99-149. Absolutely a great reason for shoe lovers to go binge-shopping. Sadly, the heels are beyond acceptable height for Miss Glitzy. The flats fail to wow, except for this pair of very unique reptile “preens” studded oxfords (US$149)!


Clothes and accessories wise, Miss Glitzy loves the collection for the glamourous and glitzy outfits – leather, tassles, faux fur and sequins! But at about US$129-249 for a dress, they seem a tad pricey.

So no, Miss Glitzy will not fly to Shanghai or Hong Kong or anywhere just to get a piece of affordable Choo.

For closeups of the collection, you could visit the gallery on Fabsugar.

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