Hi! I’m Miss Glitzy. I’m about 5 feet 9 and I wear UK size 10-14.

If you’ve seen my pictures, you’ll know that i’m not fat although under Mark Fast’s definition, I am considered “plus size”. Apparently in Korea, I’m a “plus size” too because I can’t wear anything that is tagged “free size”, 66 (M) or sometimes even 77 (L) there.

Don’t worry, this is not going to be an entry about how people shouldn’t judge by dress sizes. I’m big but I feel comfortable and I think I do look decent in my clothes. I hardly consider dieting or counting calories as an option because I’m just right for my height.

However, I notice that the avalanche of local blogshops do not seem to stock sizes beyond UK size 10 (or M). When I spot something on a blogshop that looks good, seems to be of decent quality and is easy on the pocket, I want to shrink myself very badly. Are there any Singaporean blogshops out there that sell size 10-14 clothes?

And ladies, out of my sheer curiosity, what’s your size?

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