I do not have the perfect figure so I haven’t been riding on the bodycon wave because I would look awful in them. But I have found a Victoria Beckham inspired Bysi dress (S$76) that looked pretty decent on me!

The secret is the peplum which hides the tummy! And the dress is nipped at the waist area to accentuate the figure. I must say, Victoria Beckham has shown quite a bit of design wisdom in her design of the Carmontelle cashmere-blend dress!

I tried to jazz up the outfit with my Forever21 silver bib necklace. (That green tea cake from Royal Copenhagen was not very yummy, BTW.)

Mrs Beckham and Elle MacPherson in the original dress. My Bysi version looks almost like the original, except the length of the skirt is above the knee. I would have loved it more if the skirt was longer and more tapered.

Nonetheless, a versatile dress that’s apt for work and great for party!

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