Because I’m a UOB Lady’s Card holder and because I’m worth it, I was invited to the G2000 Winter Collection showcase at the newly-opened 313@Somerset store.

For the uninitiated, G2000 is an Asian brand famed for their business clothes and work wear. The piecess showcased at their fashion show would not really garner much oohs and ahhs but there were some corporate styles which I thought were good inspirations:

See, office wear can be interesting! I especially love the botton right green outfit. The furry scarf literally brightens up an otherwise very normal work outfit and the scarf looks comfortable for sunny Singapore.

For the men, you can be suave in purple!

Another takeaway from this event is that G2000 has some classic and well-made winter jackets selling at attractive prices. For those who are looking for a jacket for your upcoming winter getaway, you can visit the store at 313@Somerset and get 15% off using the UOB card!

I have uploaded all the styles from the fashion show onto my Facebook, so do take a look – I spent a lot of time editing the photos – and be inspired!

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