Most readers remember how fascinated I was towards the wavy bob a few months ago, that I went to perm my bob!

Anyway, I was flipping the October issue of CanCam and spotted some interesting wavy shoulder-length hairstyles!

How Miss Glitzy would achieve this hairstyle

1. Apply Liese Wave Up Foam and curl the ends of the hair with macaron curlers. Start working on your makeup and what-nots.

2. Blow dry with hairdryer.

3. Remove macaron curlers.

4. Use your fingers to twirl the curls and blow dry with diffuser to create some volume.

What Komachi suggests

Miss Glitzy asked Horii Takao of Komachi The Hair Cult on how to achieve longer wavy bob.

1. Use a curling iron of about 28mm in diameter to curl the ends of the hair first.

2. Next finger style into desired style.

3. Use wax to hold the style in place.

To get a more permanent look, you could do a air perm to achieve the soft waves and this hairstyle should last for 3 to 4 months.

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