MOCA was a must-go place in my itinerary for Shanghai. I have never visited a modern art exhibition in China and was eager to experience that.

This picture was taken at People’s Park (人民公园). Love the brown hues of the trees. I was wearing my S$60+ dollars houndstooth coat from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Bitten label. Ebay rocks!

Inside MOCA. The exhibition was titled “Animamix Biennial 2009-10: Metaphors of Un/Real”.

With one of my favourite exhibits, “Shanghai Garden” by Jun T. Lai. Made from acrylic.

Yummy! This is by Osamu Watanab, untitled.

I think I hear you… “We can be heroes, just for one day” by Cao Hao.

The exhibition ends on 31st January this year. Entrance fee is 20RMB. It was a pity that some of the exhibits, including that of Singapore’s Phunk Studio, were not on display yet when I visited.

MOCA Shanghai
People’s Park, 231 Nanjing West Road, Shanghai (上海南京西路231号 人民公园)

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