The T SpotIf you were to ask me which is my favourite cafe in Shanghai, I would introduce you to “Song Fang” without hesitation.

Located in a 3-storey shophouse, a sea of bright blue tins printed with a cartoon of male and female farmers welcomes you at the first floor. You may be under the impression that this place is a retro Chinese tea house, but Song Fang actually sells both Chinese and French tea!

Photo credit: Song Fang

The three-storey tea house was adorned with very quirky and stylish decor.

Like our local TWG, there was a very wide selection (more than 60 types) of tea to choose from. All of us had french tea which was presented to us in Western tea pots.

The table opposite us was having Chinese tea which was served with the traditional Chinese tea preparation set.

The floral pouches were supposed to cover the tea pot to keep the tea warm.

The tea house serves Western tea cakes too. We had a homemade apple cake which was warm, soft and pretty yummy! Apparently, the desserts are prepared by a celebrated French Patissier based in China.


A quirky place with an interesting mix of Chinese and French culture. Soak into the relaxed ambience, enjoy the tea and do bring a good book to spend a day there.

Song Fang 宋芳茶馆
227 Yongjia Road (near Shaanxi Nan Road) 上海永嘉路227号甲(近陕西南路)
Tel: +86 021 64338283

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