We all have the inner stylist streak in us. It was incubated since we played dress-up for our Barbie dolls as kids. Now, if we don’t have the privilege to be a real stylist or work in the fashion industry, at least we have Polyvore and Looklet to listen to our little voices.

And recently, Miss Glitzy discovered a new styling tool – Couturious!

As it is currently still at Beta stage, the models and clothes selection is rather limited. Give me Looklet anytime!

Nevertheless, I put together two Spring outfits through Couturious. Hopefully these give you some inspirations for your wardrobe!

I have been looking for a decent floral blazer. It’s tricky because it could look disastrous if the fit is wrong and the prints is too big/small/bright/overwhelming. Now you know, shopping for a floral blazer is as treacherous as a hike up Mount Kinabalu.

If you do not fancy wearing bright colours, just add a couple of feminine elements to the outfits. In this example, I opted for the draped skirt details and a violet bag.

Have fun!

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