Radio 91.3 and Radio 100.3 have been organising a series of events around Bras Brasah and Bugis precinct recently. I was invited to the Supper Trail with the folks from Radio 91.3 and their listeners.

The Supper Trail was like a food tasting marathon. We restaurant-hopped around the area, and I was really delighted to find some new places and interesting cuisine!

First stop: Miss Clarity Cafe at Purvis Street

I am a regular at Purvis Street. There are lots of great offerings there and you can decide according to the price range you want. You can go for chicken rice and local fare or pay a bit more for yummy Thai food (First Thai) or even go for high end quality Italian at Garibaldi. Miss Clarity Cafe is a low/mid-range cafe that serve Western/fusion food – I love their bread pudding! For the supper trail, they offered the Chicken Ballotine ($11.80) and for dessert, the Mud Oooz ($5).

I never have any strong impression of the main dishes at Miss Clarity Cafe. The Chicken Ballotine that I had was quite delicious , although the kueh pieti was soggy from the gravy.

Second stop: Mr Punch Winebar at Mint Museum of Toys

Once again, I am no stranger to Mint Museum. However, I always proceed to the restaurant at the basement for food and never knew that they have a rooftop winebar!

Mr Punch Winebar is a small pub with lots of interesting signboards adorned on the walls. The signboards were the owner’s personal collection! The alley was very narrow but I love this quirky and dark feel. It reminds me of a random tiny pub in Japan. If you need to take a breather, you can proceed to balcony to catch a little night view of the city. The night view isn’t great, since the rooftop is only at the 6th level. But I thought it was a good addition to the bar.

Sipping the specialty cocktail Mr Punch with Dawn and May from Radio 91.3.

Third stop: He Yuan Fang Shanghai Kitchen at Chjimes (#01-19)

We adjourned to Chjimes for the next 3 dining experiences.

He Yuan Fang (#01-19/20) is a new eatery that specialises on Shanghai food. The owner of the restaurant, John, a Shanghainese, assured us all the dishes that he served were authentic Shanghai flavour. But I felt that  the strong tastes characteristic of Shanghai cuisine was slightly muted and this will definitely suit local palates.

(top left) Bean Curd Shanghai Flavor – This is a cold dish. The beancurd is heavily marinated and was salty. I wasn’t a fan.
(top right) Hua Tiao Drunken Chicken – The Hua Tiao wine taste was strong but the chicken was well-cooked and tender. It did felt a little like Mom’s cooking.
(middle left) Tofu with Crabmeat – This simple dish is very tasty!
(middle right) Sweet and Sour deep fried pork chop – The pork rib strips were marinated with sugar and vinegar. The dish was quite appetising but the pork strips were a bit tough. The DJ at my table – Boy Thunder aka the King – clearly enjoyed this and cleared half the plate.
(bottom left) Traditional Shanghai fish soup with snow vegetable and bean skin – The broth was thick and well cooked but I didn’t fancy that the fish had a lot of bones!
(bottom right) Fragrant sesame ball – Deep fried sesame pastry with green tea paste. You’ll never go wrong with this.

For desserts, we had Shanghai mochi with sweet mango filling and the traditional sweet sticky rice ball with fermented rice wine. I don’t know whether the mochi is really an authentic Shanghai dessert but I have never tried anything like this before. But this is highly recommended! As for the rice ball with fermented rice wine dessert, I was relieved that the taste of rice wine was not too strong. This dessert was actually quite refreshing.

I shall leave the next 2 eateries – Sun Japanese Dining and La Viva for Part 2 of this series. Tune in to Radio 91.3 (English) or Radio 100.3 (Chinese) if you wish to take part in such listener events!

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