Located inside a furniture store, Arteastiq is actually a tiny strip of space that is very well-utilised. One side of the strip is furnished with Alice-in-Wonderland like cushion chairs, tables and printed couches while the other side of the strip is the kitchen.

The tea lounge is not very crowded, although service can be slow and the “waitlist” can be intimidating. We were told to wait for half an hour but I noticed that some tables were not cleared and were unoccupied. After a second check 15 minutes later, we were given a table.

Do you expect yourself to leave this place in half an hour? No, I don’t think so. It’s too comfortable and serene here.

The tea lounge has a pretty extensive list of tea menu and if you need to be numbed in the afternoon, you can opt for the alcoholic tea drinks too.

Food-wise, there is a selection of savory small bites and desserts range was just a couple of cakes and a few flavours of ice-cream.

<< As you can tell, I blended well with the chair.

My French Rose Tea ($11), complete with sugar cubes, almond crisps and fine china. The tea was aromatic and rejuvenating. Another recommended tea that we like was the Pomelo Tea ($11), which was served in a small tea cup with pomelo puree, and some cranberries at the side.

We ordered some cakes and ice-cream. My favourite was the Apple Cake ($8), which was light, fluffy and simply divine with the thinly-sliced apples.


Good place to chill-out in the afternoon with a good book or good company. Now you know where to seek refuge when you are free in the afternoon. 🙂

333A Orchard Road
#04-14/15 Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6235 8705

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