Frankly, it has been ages since I go out with a naked face. Not that I apply foundation/eye colours/lip sticks on my face 24-7 but on days when I decide to leave little traces of makeup on, the face is nary naked.

So, I shalt reveal the three things that I apply on my nary naked face even if I want to pass off a “sans make-up” look.

1. Kate Stick Concealer

A concealer to hide some dark circles or blemishes to create the illusion of almost flawless skin.

What I like about the Kate concealer is that it glides smoothly on the skin and blends well. It has good coverage too – I tried covering a humungous zit and my friend couldn’t tell that I had a horribly red irritant on my nose.

I bought these in Japan and it probably cost S$13-16 a pop. I think this stick concealer might be available at Kanebo counters in Singapore.

2. Benefit Dandelion

I think the Dandelion isn’t really a blusher because the colour is too light.

Nonetheless, this is good to create some radiance on your natural complexion. I dust the Dandelion all over my face lightly, and brush a few more times on the cheeks for some pinkish hues.

Retails in Singapore at $60. Cheaper (only US$28) if you order directly online with enough orders to get your shipping costs waived.

3. Shiseido Water in Lip Lip Balm

Chapped lips are quite a no-no and especially when you travel to countries with dry weather, the lip balm is a must.

I stumbled upon the Shiseido Water in Lip when I was in Japan, desperate for a new lip balm and I spotted this at a convenience store there. This is part of the cheaper Shiseido range that is only available in Japan and other selected countries (Singapore not included).

The lip balm is very moisturizing and gives a glossy effect – living up to its name “Water in Lip”. While you do need to re-apply  every few hours, this lip balm is able endure cold and dry weather really well . Priced at less than S$6 a pop, I literally stocked up on these during my recent trip to Japan.

What are the awesome stuff that you can’t live without? Please contribute to my Wholesome Awesome list now!

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