Previously on Miss Glitzy’s Monologue, I mentioned that I went on an eye-product testing spree. Without further ado, let me present my findings.

1. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Lift and Strengthening Eye Capsules(S$98)

I have reviewed this product before. Among all the eye products I have tested, I like the EA capsules as the results come fast and furious.

I could see some firming, de-puffing and smoothing benefits after using just one capsule. However, the texture of the serum is very oily, so I only use this product at night. Fortunately, despite its oily texture, I did not develop any new oil spot.

2. The Body Shop Nutriganics Smoothing Eye Cream (S$32.90)

One of the latest organic range from The Body Shop, this eye cream aims to capture the first signs of aging and targets the fine lines and wrinkles around the eye.

I like the texture of the product, it is of the right consistency – neither watery nor heavy. I could apply this under the eye before I pile on my makeup.

The eye cream was rather effective in smoothing the eye area. I would regard this as an affordable day moisturizer for the eyes.

3. Kiehl’s Eye Alert (S$45)

This product claims to de-puff and lighten dark eye circles. It sounded like a god-send and with star ingredients such as Vitamin E, Cucumber extract and Caffeine (common ingredients among eye cream), I had high hopes for it.

The texture is gel-like but it leaves a very waxy finish. I couldn’t tell any difference after using the Eye Alert for two weeks, so I guess this product wasn’t quite effective on me.

4. Kose Cosmeport Clearturn Q10 Eyezone Mask (Not available in Singapore – US$16.99 for 18 sheets on

This is the drugstore range of Kose skincare products available in Japan and Taiwan. The eye zone masks are not only affordable, but also really effective in reducing puffiness and providing hydration. I left the masks under the eyes for about 15 minutes and I could see the effect  almost instantly. Regular use would leave your eyes less puffy and more supple. Because the masks contain acid (hyaluronic acid), your eyes might feel slightly red during the first couple of minutes when you put on the masks.


Different people have different problems to tackle and similarly, the products that I have tried are designed to address different concerns. As most beauty brands do not provide eye product samples, I hope my little testing spree was helpful in one way, or another.

If you are using other products that are effective, feel free to send me your review and I can share it with everyone here!

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