My friend, Sgprincess, has also joined in the Wholesome Awesome fun!

I am really grateful for her strong support towards my blog and for hearing me out all the time.

1. The Wholesome Awesome Fashion Item

The right pair of shoes to punctuate your outfit and exclaim how you feel. (Anyone thinking BOOMZ yet?)

2. The Wholesome Awesome Beauty Item

Ask Darwin and he’ll agree that it is important to have smooth, healthy lips. Ditch the lipstick that does a poor imitation of what you were born with. Make-up is all about enhancing what you naturally have, no? My family swears by Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer. And the best part about it is that it doesn’t leave sticky streaks on your face when the wind catches your hair in the wrong direction!

3. The Wholesome Awesome Food

Anything I bake. I take comfort in the process (not so much in the aftermath of not being able to squeeze into my jeans!). Today’s comfort food: Apple Pie.

Thanks Sgprincess! I’m feeling hungry after staring at the photos of your apple pie!

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