I know there are guys out there who hope to grow a bit taller but we all know that the limb-lengthening surgery is totally scary and expensive.

My friend and I discovered a shoe store called “Walking Tall” at OUB Centre, which specialises in men’s shoes with hidden insole. So, you instantly grow 6-10cm by wearing these special shoes!

Because the elevated insoles are hidden, no one will be able to tell from the exterior of the shoes!

My friend who bought a pair of such shoes, commented after trying for a week that these shoes are indeed uncomfortable and need some time getting used to.

Of course, if you are determined to want to “walk tall” on your existing shoes, you can actually buy elevator insoles on the web too. Just slot in the insoles into your shoes and you gain that 5-10 cm instantly.

I’m not linking up those online sites selling insoles because I’m clueless on the reliability of these online stores.

But isn’t it amazing how simple inventions like these can bring huge benefits to others?

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