Hi, I’m Miss Glitzy. And I think shopping is a sport.

With the World Cup fever burning hot and furious, sporty fashion items are hoarding the spotlight. While I don’t really wear much sports gear, the colourful and huge sports watches have caught my attention.

1. Adidas Seoul

This collection is launched specially for the World Cup. Choose the colours of the watch based on the team you support… or maybe according to the colours in your wardrobe. The watch has a very retro display but it’s huge – with a diameter of  5cm – and is probably great for highlighting your casual outfit. Each watch costs $120.

2. G-Shock X-Large Vivid Color

These look yummy like candies! While they are loud and attention grabbing, I love that there is both the digital and analog display of time. I’m the old fart who prefers analog to digital. This retails at $170 each.

3. Timex 80 Spring 2010 Rainbow Collection

Timex may not be a big brand here but they have many cute and retro sports watches under the Timex 80 line. I love the happy colours of the Spring collection! I’m not sure whether Timex 80 is sold in Singapore but you can get it online at 50 Euros a pop.

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