I am sure some of you might have heard of Minx, the nail craze that hit the US in the last couple of years. A number of celebrities were seen with funky and out-of-the-world manicure and this was made possible using Minx.

For the uninitiated, Minx is a type of decal/film sticker that is sticks on your nail once activated by heat. In short, they are stick-on manicure! The selling point of Minx manicure is the ability to wear different effects and patterns that are not attainable via the usual manicure.

Here are some pictures of Minx nails I have found on the Internet:

Cool yeah?

The folks at Vedure NailSpa has brought in the Minx manicure! Miss Jazzy and I went to try out this new service. Apparently, Vedure is the exclusive agent here carrying Minx Nails!

The interior of Vedure is very comfortable and soothing. I was really comfortable with my seat that was facing the road, and was catching up on the latest copy of Cosmopolitan magazine while my nail therapist, Lillie, did the cleaning, filing and trimming of my nails.

After the basics, I was given a stack of Minx nail designs to choose from. I was torn between the Lady Gaga-ish “White, Silver and Black 3D” and the “Pink with Hearts” designs. I decided to go for something simple and chose the latter. Miss Jazzy opted for a brown lace-like design which looked kinda awesome!

The whole process of sticking the Minx stickers on to the nails was easy but took almost an hour – it requires loads of skill and dexterity! As the Minx is made of heat-activated material, the sticker needs to be applied onto the nail under a heating lamp. The nail therapist is required to trim the sticker nicely to fit your nails, and apply sufficient force to make sure that the sticker sticks well and there is no little bubble.

Having some snacks while choosing my nail design.

Lillie applying the sticker on my nails. The heating lamp can be a bit hot!

Removing the excess sticker using nail file and scissors – still under heating lamp.

Voila! Happy faces!


I love this! Not only do I enjoy interesting designs for my nails, I no longer have the problem of smudging my yet-to-dry manicure. However, while the stickers were good to go on its own, I suggest adding an additional top coat to make the manicure last longer. With proper care, the Minx manicure is good for about 1.5 weeks.

The Minx manicure costs $80 while the pedicure costs $120. This is comparable to the pricing in the US, which costs about US$55 for a manicure. While you can buy nail patches and Minx decals from Sephora.com, it is tough to apply the decal on your own. The Minx heat lamp that Vedure had probably helped to achieve optimal heating effect, and the nail therapists were experienced and precise in trimming and fitting the stickers nicely.

Vedure NailSpa
Unit 04-06, 501 Orchard Rd, Wheelock Place
Tel: 6732 6448

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