Would you wear an illuminated dress?
Would others call you a walking light bulb?
Would you be electrocuted when you sweat or if it rains?

I apologise for my incessant questions. I have been seeing lots of lights recently.

Katy Perry wore an LED gown by CuteCircuit to the Met Ball. There was a switch positioned at her cleavage.

New York designer Diana Eng had a “fairytale” fashion show which showcased many pieces with illuminated elements. Her collection utilised quite a fair bit of electroluminescent (EL) wires to create a flowy, enchanted feel.

Check out the video of the show below:

And I found out that the “lighted wedding dress” actually exists! Great theatrics for the grand march-in to the ballroom.

The dress is made of fiber-optic fabric (called Luminex) and 4 types of AAA batteries are hidden to provide light.

Lighted clothes are rather innovative, but I am kinda fearful of those with batteries, circuit boards and wires installed. How do you wash these dresses? Or are they meant to only be worn once?


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