I got to know Esther – the one-half of Ourtravelations.com – formally via blogging  but interestingly, our paths kinda crossed a few years ago.:)

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the picks from the seasoned traveller:

I’m an avid traveller – my freelance writer job requires me to be on the go as well – and basically, I’m a simple gal. I hardly wear any make-up and my skincare regime is minimal. So, things on my Wholesome Awesome list have to be practical and if possible, have multiple uses. I am also trying to live my life more meaningfully, thinking about the environment and doing things, including eating, more sustainably and healthily.

I try to pick products based on these requirements/principles, wherever possible.

1. The Wholesome Awesome Fashion Item

A shawl in a neutral shade, preferably from a social enterprise or co-operative

Mine is a stripey one, in shades of brown – light brown; brown; bronze. It has tassels at the ends too haha!

My shawl has come with me to so many places and served various purposes. I’ve used it when it got too chilly at nice dinners, when I needed to cover up my bare shoulders and sleeveless arms on visits to temples or other religious sites, when I needed to fashion a small satchel to carry random light items, and so on.

Get yours at eBay World of Good (http://worldofgood.ebay.com/) or one of the shops featured on Elevyn (http://www.elevyn.com/shop_list) or better still, knit your own with a kit from DoThingsDifferent (http://www.dothingsdifferent.com/).

2. The Wholesome Awesome Beauty Item

Eco Tints Tinted Lip Care by Eco Lips

This tinted lipbalm is fabulous. It moisturises my lips with organic plant oils, beeswax and aloe vera. The tinge of colour, from natural minerals, is dark enough – if you apply about two to three layers – to replace a dark red lipstick, for when you need heavier make-up. I like it too that the company, Eco Lips, contributes to various charitable causes.

I got mine in Plush Red from Watsons for less than S$10 (if I remember correctly).

3. The Wholesome Awesome Food

Instant noodles/cup noodles

I love instant noodles. But they are soooo junky! I think that’s why I like them. Plus they’re portable, easy to cook and they remind me of the simple things in life. If I’m going somewhere for a long period, I try to pack a few along with me, if I know I can’t get them at my destination.

And in an attempt to make this comfort food healthier, I try to buy those that are baked (instead of fried) and use as much natural ingredients as possible.

Try the Koka brand – besides being steamed and baked, the noodles are said to be preservative-free, have no MSG and contain no trans-fat. They even have a new-fangled one with purple wheat.

Thanks Esther! And “High 5” to a fellow instant noodles lover.. I order instant noodles from Korean restaurants and Hong Kong cafes! No kidding!

Check out the entire Wholesome Awesome List series now!

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