From this month onwards, I will have an entry to sum up some posts on my Facebook page for the month. For those who haven’t “liked” my page, this is what you have missed out!

[31st July] According to Xwen, Lee Min Ho wears Trugen [link]

Met Lee Min Ho today at the LG Optimus press conference and Meet and Greet session. Now I can declare that I have met the Perfect Guy. More photos and write-up on the event to appear on the blog soon.

[28th July] Accordian shoes.. by Spanish designer Cardona Bonache. Can walk? [link]

[27th July] The world’s first smile activated vending machine. Smile and get a Magnum! [link]
The vending machine detects your smile, post your smile onto their Facebook page, and rewards you with a free ice-cream. Limited time only.

[23rd July] Quick notes after using AQUALABEL SG moisturizing range for 2 weeks – The products were quite effective in restoring the moisture that my skin needed after my vacation. The products were absorbed into the skin pretty fast – all thanks to the Aqua Enhancer!  If you can’t decide what to get from the range, choose the Aqua Enhancer! If you would like to try Shiseido’s whitening products but do not wish to break your wallet first, try AQUALABEL SG whitening range.. [link]

[22nd July] Xwen in her lovely Topshop dress (read her latest entry on Fash-Eccentric), Dot in her signature scarf neckpiece. And I was in boring work outfit. [link]

This was at the Bulgari MAN launch party.

[20th July] Luxury nail label collection… by “Nail Queen” Sophy Robson [link]

[8th July] Had lunch at Armani Cafe! [link]

The Armani Cafe at Via Croce Rossa in Milan looks great, is a fabulous place to people-watch and has very good ambience. Unfortunately, the food is really lacklustre. It’s a place for coffee, not proper meals.

I tend to post some interesting pictures and news on Facebook so if you like to read such tidbits, see you over there!

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