Yes, my 2-week Italian fantasy has ended and it’s now back to the grind, back to face the music, but feeling more rejuvenated and grateful for everything I have experienced.

I am trying to get back to the working mode and sorting out my emails, pictures and more than 1000+ posts on Google reader. I promise to blog about some of the interesting places that I have stayed at and places that I really enjoyed during my trip.. soon!

Meanwhile, here are some of my snapshots and outfits in Italy:

In Venice – St Mark’s Square.
Venice is a tourist-friendly place because it is so easy to navigate from point to point. Because the weather was so hot, I wore a black tank top, tiered skirt and my Papillio madrids!

In Rome, at the Colosseum.
There are many historic sites in Rome but I think I will remember the Romans for their fanaticism towards fountains. I was wearing my blue+orange adidas Orion sneakers. 3 years ago, I was stopped by a burly security guy at the baggage check of Boston airport. I thought I made a mistake or something, and then he asked, “Where did you get your adidas?”

Trastevere, Rome.
Trastevere is a little bit hard to get to in Rome but I love the place for its rustic and laid-back vibes. My Cotton On white tee is only $5.

Florence is a lovely little town and there is no metro system! I managed to see Michaelangelo’s David at the gallery and despite his small(er) member, the statue was magnificent. Last but not least, I love my oversized ASOS striped tee because it  is very comfy!

Had to do the cliche and try to hug the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Wore my H&M floral dress which was only 10 euros. Bought it because I wanted something to tide over the intolerable heat!

Capri is a resort island, and an hour’s boat ride from Naples. This is my paradise in Italy.. there are luxury villas, good food and spectacular view! And do you know that Capri pants is named after this island? I will blog more about Capri in my upcoming posts.

Duomo, Milan
Sporting Gondola Fashion in Milan. At least no one here thought I steer a gondola!

Killing time while waiting to see the original painting of Leonard da Vinci’s “The Last Supper”. I was wearing another summery H&M dress.

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