The most common question that I have received recently is, “So, which bag did you get from Italy?”

Yeah, I got a bag. It’s French in origin, but made in Italy. It is a Céline.

Nope, not the much-coveted Classic Box Bag (left) or Luggage Tote (right).

But this:

This bag belongs to the Spring 2010 collection, the first collection for the brand designed by Phoebe Philo, and is simply named the “Small Leather Bowling Bag”. I think it could be a boring, or more of practical choice but I found it beautiful in a very quiet and understated manner.

It wasn’t on sale, but it was no irrational purchase decision. I looked at similar bowling bags such as the YSL Muse and a Chloé. Eventually this soft deerskin bag won me over.

I will try to take an outfit picture with this new member soon.

PS: Some of you had questions on its size. This is the “medium size” bowling bag in the collection . It is more like a tote than a shoulder bag. The “large” size could be carried on the shoulders. The measurements: 13″ (base length) x 10″ (height excluding handles) x 5.5″ (width). The height of the shoulder loop is 6″.

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