C once said, “The girls don’t need boyfriends because they have their iPhones.”

This is the amount of attention and time that we spend bonding with our gadgets and now shopping takes off to a new paradigm with the proliferation of iPhone apps!

For the regulars:

Many fashion brands have their own iPhone apps so you can be attuned to their latest collections!

Zara app not only have images from the lookbook, but also every item in the collection together with each price according to the country you are from. I think this app would help you strategise and narrow down items that you would want to get before you go into the ZARA store near you.

Fans of Forever21 can directly shop from their iPhone.  The Forever21 app is like a mobile web of the F21 website, although they have GPS function which helps you locate the nearest F21 store.

If you would not want to be restricted to just one brand, departmental stores like Macy’s would fit your purpose. The Macy’s iShop allows you to place orders via your iPhone and I love the customised search function that allows you to find what you want in a jiffy!

For the bargain hunters

You love sales and discounts – who doesn’t?

Most of you know that there is a eBay mobile regular app. But eBay Fashion is makes bidding for fashion items a lot easier than the regular app. You just need to navigate through the categories, insert a search item for a better search and voila! Here comes the list of suitable items for your to add to your watchlist!

Ever had this problem of having no access to the computer when a limited-time sale occur? Fans of invite-only shopping communities such as Gilt Groupe and Reebonz can now shop anytime, anywhere via the respective iPhone apps!

For the soon-to-be engaged

Tiffany iPhone app allow you to customise your dream engagement ring according to shape, settings, carats and designs. How cool is that?

For those who need help with shopping

You are looking for the perfect black pumps but there are tonnes of black pumps out there! Help!

Just check out ShopStyle Mobile, which is like a library of all the brands/items available. You can browse and seek inspirations before you hit the stores!

For those who are going for a manicure

Save time figuring out which colour to choose at the manicurist’s by fiddling with the OPI app. You can adjust the shade of your hand, and try out various colours to preview the outcome. Then, add like a pro in front of the manicurist by saying that you only want “Cajun Shrimp” and nothing else.

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