I asked this question on Facebook and Twitter recently. We have so many foreign fashion chains in Singapore – Uniqlo, River Island, Forever 21, Promod, A.P.C. etc. But is there any missing bright spot? There were quite a number of replies. So, I decided to introduce all the brands that readers have contributed and we can all learn new names together.

For those with deep pockets looking for new business opportunities in Singapore retail, this might be a good list for you to work on!

Abercrombie & Fitch

I think most Singaporeans are familiar with this brand. The American brand that focuses on jeans and casual wear has stores in the US, Canada, London, Tokyo and Milan. While you can’t get a piece of A&F in the malls here (unless you buy those rejects from FOS), A&F offers online shopping with international shipping option.

I have kinda grown out of A&F but I wouldn’t mind if they have a flagship store here.. hopefully with dishy store assistants in A&F jeans just like the stores in other cities.

American Eagle Outfitters

AE is quite similar to A&F, albeit at lower price point. They are currently retailing only in the US although many Singaporeans are familiar with it either via spree-ing or shopping overseas.


I love Anthropologie’s concept of combining women’s fashion with home and decor. Targeted towards the more matured and sophisticated women, I think it is a neat one-stop-shop for busy women to get what they need without compromising on the design element! And I only just found out that Anthropologie is actually owned by Urban Outfitters!


Frankly, I have never heard of C&A before but found out that they are a mass fast fashion chain based in Europe, similar to H&M or Topshop.

Fly Now

Finally an Asian brand! Fly Now is a women fashion brand from Thailand. The label not only has interesting women apparel, but also unique leather goods. Click on the image above to check out their collections on the website!


Killah is the sister brand of Miss Sixty, retailing female casuals. The brand exudes young exuberance and bright colours – great reason for me to stock up on my weekend outfits! You can get selected Killah items online from ASOS.

Matt & Nat

Matt & Nat sells unique and interesting bags – with stores in the US, UK and Canada. While we are unable to see the actual items in any brick and mortar store here, check out their online store and if you like, you can ship it to UK or US and get it sent over to Singapore via Vpost or Borderlinx!


I think quite a number of you know Primark – Irish fashion retailer that is highly successful in Europe. They sell fashionable pieces at affordable prices, similar to many other European high street fashion names. I wish Primark has at least a website on their latest collection, if not an online shop!


I like SABA for their trendy and classy style suitable for working adults. The price point is not exactly budget, but rather reasonable too. So, SABA – come to Singapore, please?


Target requires no introduction, because I blog about it all the time. This is a huge megastore in US selling not just apparel, but also household appliances, electronics, toys etc. There are Target stores in Aussie, although in terms of ownership, both companies are not related. I think it would be really cool if we can have a Target store here focused on just fashion.

I might laugh in my sleep if I am able to buy Mulberry for Target off the rack in Singapore…

Tally Weijl

Tally Weijl is European, and their clothes are very affordable. I find them rather similar to Cache Cache though. How popular is Cache Cache in Singapore?

Vivienne Westwood

I believe most people have heard of Vivienne Westwood, but it is a bit of a shock that the brand doesn’t have a standalone boutique here. Nonetheless, selected items are available in TYAN. I guess if response towards Vivienne Westwood is good, the label might consider plans to set shop here.


Witchery is at ION Orchard, but the store there only sells accessories (Note: the store is no longer at ION Orchard as of 2013). My guess is it is a matter of time before the distributor decides to expand the offering here. Meanwhile, stick to online shopping as international shipping is available on the Witchery website.

Phew, that’s quite a long entry! Is there any name that you would like to add on to the list?

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