I have always had this impression that Dr. Ci:Labo is this undiscovered gem in the beauty realm. This impression was forged from reading beauty forums and blogs. Long before this brand landed in Singapore, apparently many girls traveled to Japan to stock up on their skincare products!

I was given a few products from Dr. Ci:Labo a while ago and honestly, after trying them for a month, they did not quite live up to the high expectations I had after reading all the raves online. That being said, all the products I sampled were very gentle, so those with very sensitive skin can give the brand’s “Super Sensitive” line a try.

The Aqua Collagen Gel ($62 for 50g) is a holy grail for many girls. This is a 5-in-1 moisturising product that combines the functions of toner, milky lotion, essence, whitening essence and makeup base.

The result is a light, fragrance-free moisturising gel. The formula is gentle and ingredients used are mostly naturally-derived, making it soothing for sensitive skin. As the gel leaves a moist layer on my skin, I used this at night. While my skin did feel smooth and suitably hydrated, my skin lacked glow. Thus,  I couldn’t sense the greatness of a “miracle product”.

I think the Aqua Collagen Gel is suitable for jet-setting individuals, and this tub is going to be an essential in my travel toiletry bag. It is convenient to pack 1 product while you are on-the-go, as compared to carrying 3 or 4 products that serve the same purpose. As the Aqua Collagen Gel is light and watery, it would do a great job in providing the moisture we need in dry climate.

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