Wood is not exactly a new material in the fashion arena although they are still relatively rare in my day-to-day wear. What about you? Do you include any “wooden element” in your outfit?

Here are some wooden fashion items that I covet.

1. Wooden eyewear

Care to own a wooden ‘wayfarer’? iWood boasts lightweight and balanced wooden sunglasses and apparently, every pair of shade is handmade!

Or if you are bespectacled, you can look for wooden spectacle frames from Indie Nation. I gotta admit, wooden frame exudes a more exquisite, refined and natural feel but I have no idea how the wood would react with moisture – such as sweat and rain.

2. Clogs

Gosh, clogs are like the hottest shoes this season! Almost every fashion bigwig I can think of have churned out a pair of clogs in their collections – Miu Miu, Celine (above), Chanel, Louis Vuitton etc. Apparently, spin-offs of the famed Celine clogs are sprouting all over Hong Kong! I haven’t been shopping much lately but maybe you can find similar designs at Far East Plaza too.

3. Wooden bags

This is not new.. the Emilio Pucci wooden clutch belongs to a 2008 collection. Don’t you love this artsy wooden chest cum arm candy!

According to the Chinese astrology, the wood element is associated with strength, flexibility and warmth. Ha, if you were feeling antisocial, maybe you can pile on some wooden accessories to up your “wood element’!

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